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College Kit Standard


Hair Tolls Professional Student Kit - STANDARD

This complete college kit contains 43 items, supplied in a holdall:

61004-Head Jog Quad Brush Set

61375-Head Jog Eco Neck Brush

60354-Hair Tools Tint Apron with Pockets

60175-Head Jog 201-Black Cutting Comb

60177-Head Jog 203-Black Pin Tail Comb

60178-Head Jog 204-Black Metal Pin Comb

60180-Head Jog 206-Black detangle Comb

60596-Tangle Free Vent Brush

60822-Head Jog 01 - Black Paddle Brush

60085-Head Jog 50 - Slim-Line Styling Brush

61332-Head Jog 101 - Nylon Bristle Cushion Brush

61350-Haito Basix Scissor Kit 5”

61356-Hair Tools Mannequin Training Head Ladies Med/Long

61380-Hair Tools Training Head Clamp

60616-Perm Rods - Black (Pack of 12)

60617-Perm Rods - Grey (Pack of 12)

60615-Perm Rods - Blue (Pack of 12)

60614-Perm Rods - Orange/Red (Pack of 12)

60613-Perm Rods - Yellow (Pack of 12)

60612-Perm Rods - Pink (Pack of 12)

60611-Perm Rods - White (Pack of 12)

60610-Perm Rods - Green (Pack of 12)

60609-Perm Rods - Brick Red (Pack of 12)

60620-Perm Curler Rubbers - Flat Long (Pack of 50)

61181-Head Jog Rollers - Green (Pack of 12)

61182-Head Jog Rollers - Blue (Pack of 12)

61183-Head Jog Rollers - Yellow (Pack of 12)

61184-Head Jog Rollers - Pink (Pack of 12)

61185-Head Jog Rollers - White (Pack of 12)

61186-Head Jog Rollers - Lilac (Pack of 12)

61187-Head Jog Rollers - Peach (Pack of 12)

60537-Deluxe Plastic Roller Pins (Pack of 50)

60389-Tint bowl black

61277-Neutralising Sponge Pack (Pack of 6)

60593-Hair Tools Standard Black Tint Brush

60278-Peroxide Measure Standard 100ml

61155-Hair Tools Highlighting Cap

61372-Plastic Sprayer Small (Scissor Pattern) 250ml

60000/BR-Solida Supraform Setting Net Brown

60608-Head Jog Butterfly Clamps Large Black (Pack of 12)

60533-Hair Tools Double Prong Curl Clips (Box of 72)

61433-2" Waved Grips Brown (Box of 250)

60628-Hair Tools Silver Control Clips (Pack of 12)

60711-College Holdall


Hair Tools standard college holdall specification:
College holdall with zipped main entry and a zipped pockets on each side. Double handled with, an adjustable shoulder strap. Dimensions: 65 x 29 x 33cm. (supplied in either black/grey, black/navy, Navy/black).
All items in this kit are also sold separately.
(Please note that items may vary depending on stock levels).
Also available in a larger 'Premium' Size.

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