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Passion Damascus ALTO YTK


Passion Damascus


The material is a combination of Damascus steel and cobalt in a repeated forging process that creates a metal that's perfect for hair scissors. The multiple layers in Damascus steel help to absorb the vibration caused by the movement of the scissors and create a fantastically smooth and comfortable cutting feel, while the cobalt lends durability and hardness, resulting in ultra-sharp blades.

Alto defines everything Passion scissors stand, they've tweaked the design to add extra comfort in the grip and more power at the tips of the blade (you’ll discover its true strength when dry cutting!) Damascus and Cobalt for a sublime cutting feel and unparalleled sharpness. The Alto is suitable for all types of cutting.

The overall look is sleek and powerful with an ergonomic offset handle - the YTK boasts a wider stopper and curved fixed finger rest.

Material : Damascus + Cobalt ATS314

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